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Crop Beer - Drive Thru Andy

Drive Thru Andy

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This is the second Crop release, following on from the suc essful launch of "Loud Noises" in September.

More New Zealand hops in this one, Riwaka bringing proper tropical passion fruit vibes, backed up by Citra and Idaho 7. (Hops from Brooke House)

Yeastwise, using Saturated which is a London Ale strain so expect soft pillowy stone fruit goings on. (Yeast from WHC Lab)

Maltwise, went with low colour Maris Otter Base, which is fluffed up by flaked Oats & flaked Barley plus a touch of Dextrin. (Malt from Simpsons)

Crop Beer

ABV: 7.2%
Style: IPA
440ml Can