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Torrside Collaboration - Jan 2018

Saisons aren’t to everybody’s tastes - and Sorachi Ace, aka the Marmite Hop, often divides opinion. Why not then brew a beer that hopes to alienate a large proportion of the population? That’s what we did on Monday when we visited Torrside for a collaboration!



The recipe was a mix of Lager malt, wheat and a pinch of rye. We used a lot of Sorachi Ace accompanied by Apollo to highlight the lemon notes in the Sorachi. We pitched Lallemand Belle Saison Yeast which finishes nice and dry whilst adding the distinctive Saison spicy farmhouse flavours.



Aiming for a sensible 5.5% we were slightly under on efficiency so the resulting beer will be slightly lower than this but we’re expecting it to be very tasty!


Next month the Torrside boys will be paying a return visit to Thirst Class HQ so keep your eyes peeled for something special with added coffee!

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