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The Porter

The Porter

Autumn, a perfect time for long walks, digging out the big coat and stocking the fridge with dark beer in preparation for the long nights ahead! First on the shopping list — the porter.

Named after its popularity with London’s street and river porters, it was originally a much sweeter beer brewed with predominantly brown malt. Once brewers realised that brown malt wasn’t as efficient for extracting fermentable sugars, they started using paler malts for the bulk of the malt bill, adding small amounts of darker malts to achieve the same colour and flavour — and so it became the beer we love today [1].

Porters should be light to dark brown in colour. They should have rich chocolate, caramel and often dark fruit flavours. This differs from stouts which have more roasted flavours from the use of black malt, which isn't often used in porters. Although the difference between stouts and porters can vary based on who you ask!

I scoured the shelves of our webshop and handpicked three perfect porters for you to try at home! It’s hard work but somebody's gotta do it.

1. The Porter - Anspach & Hobday

A modern classic produced in the birthplace of the porter. Anspach & Hobday uses a blend of highly kilned and roasted malts to make a porter with coffee and dark chocolate notes. This is a must try for any dark beer fan.


2. Cafe Racer - Fierce Beer

This coffee and vanilla porter is multi award winning, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s like an affogato in a can. So if you’re looking for something a little sweeter — this is a must!

3. Any porter in a Storm - Thirst Class Ale

Last but by no means least, I’d recommend our traditional porter — Any Porter in a Storm. Almost black in colour, with intense malty and treacle aroma, this porter is sweet with notes of chocolate, liquorice and toffee. Why not treat yourself and try our imperial version? It’s got extra body and a much fuller flavour, it can’t be missed!

But that’s not all, you can find more porters on our webshop.

Long dark nights need equally dark beer, so why not stock up on some porters and join me on the dark side!


[1] Beer: Taste the Evolution in 50 Styles by Natalya Watson

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