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Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Fest 2019

Who said fairy-tales do not exist? 
If you are looking for a weird and wonderful day out, this is certainly the place for you. 
Exiting the modernised town of Keighley, you take a step back in time when entering an environment, much like 'Harry Potters' elaborate train journey to 'Hogwarts'.  
You may not get delivered an invitation by owl, but you do get a rather 1920's welcome when purchasing a ticket. 
The entirely wooden panelled steam train proceeds to takes you through quaint Pennine villages where you will find the very best of  Northern beer and music. 
As you pass through 'Bronte country' you can only visualise scenes from the sisters novels, and can understand the inspiration behind these picturesque little towns. 
Getting off at the main attraction in Oxenhope, you are presented with an array of mouth watering traditional baking and a sea of real ale.
When approaching the main bar it only seemed right to ask the real enthusiasts what they believed I would like, and of course they chose our beautifully fruity Mosaic Pale.  
Our American Brown Ale was right bang in the middle of the main bar, and the colourful animated badge was placed on a perfectly polished wooden hand pull. 
This Brown Ale is brewed to an American style with Citra, Cascade and Columbus hops and delivers a hoppy ale with a pronounced roasted maltiness.
I believe it is safe to say it is a much loved favourite. 


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