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Here is what we have been up to-July 2019

Here's a look at what we've been up to...

We love getting out and about, meeting our customers and talking all things ale and last week we had the opportunity to be a part of two cracking events. On Thursday we we're over at the Bowland Beer Hall in Clitheroe for their Tap Takeover and Meet the Brewer evening. Then on Sunday we headed into Reddish centre for their annual community event Reddfest. Below is breif roundup of how we got on... 


Bowland Beer Hall


The kind folks over at the Bowland beer Hall in Clitheroe invited us over to take over their taps and host a "Meet the Brewer" evening. For those who have never been over that way we highly recommend you head over and see it for yourself as it truly is an amazing place. Not only is the Beer Hall itself all kinds of epic but there was also so much more on offer, including a hotel, restaurant, ice cream parlour, gift shop, produce hall etc...Its well worth a visit for those of you looking for a great day out. Anyhow - i digress, back to the beer. We had on offer and amazing line-up of 15 different ales on the bar and we have to say its a particularly proud feeling when you see so many of the beers that you put all that hard work into, in one place at the same time. We had 10 beers in cask and 5 beers in keg and they were all on top form and drinking wonderfully.



The folks at Bowland put us up in a nice quiet room off to the side so we could chat all things ale with the those who bobbed along. There was a great bunch of people involved and what was really nice is that they all get stuck in asking as many questions as they could and creating an open conversation. This is the best thing we can ask for at these events as it makes them the best they can be when everyone there gets involved. They all got to try one of the many ales on offer and at each offering Richard (Head Brewer), Peter (Brewer) and myself (Chris, Brand Ambassador) would take that opportunity to chat to them about how each particular ale came to fruition. This involves a brief description of its conception, the ingredients that make it up and then an overview of what it's like on the nose and on the tongue. The truly amazing thing about human beings is that the way we perceive smell and taste is all different and that was very much the case here. It extends the conversation further and its fascinating listening to how differently people experience our beers. We were then kindly offered some tucker from the Bowland Kitchen Crew and we proceeded to soak up all the booze we had just indulged in ;)

Once we had taken our last sip of ale we wrapped things up with a warm and heart felt thankyou and proceed to say our goodbyes to those who had attended. At this point we were kindly offered the chance to take a sneak peak behind the scenes at Bowlands Brewing facilities and of course we jumped at the chance to have a nosey around. It was amazing to the scale of the operation at Bowland and it was nice to see that they they take their brewing just as seriously as we do (i mean of course they do - they are brewers after all) 


 We'd like to a give a huge shout-out and the fondest of thankyou's to all those involved at Bowland, the staff for looking after us and most of all the customers for coming along and getting stuck in. We love meeting new people and there will be more of it to come so watch this space...  


Reddfest 2019 - Reddish Community Event


On Sunday 23rd June we loaded up the Thirst Class Can and we headed into Reddish centre (our hometown) to partake in the best kind of event - one that brings the whole community together every year and that celebrates all things local. Reddfest is a community organised and community driven event that brings all the local business owners and residents together in one place and we spend the afternoon indulging in the most wonderful community spirit. There was all kinds there ranging from homemade cakes and pastries, funfair rides, candy floss and sweets, live music, homemade pizza and most importantly of all we were on hand to provide those that were in a need of a beer a Thirst Class Ale. We took along a wide selection of our bottled ales and sold many a bottle not just to those that wanted a drink on the day but to those who took them away with them to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. We even sold out of our Gift Boxes on the day proving that Thirst Class ale is indeed the best give you can give someone ;) All in all in was an a cracking day, the sunshine was out in full force and we had the opportunity to meet you guys, our incredibly supportive customers...









There will be more of the same next year so hopefully we'll see you then - we are already looking forward to it :)

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