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Hazy Shade Of Vegan- Our Pick Of Our Best Vegan Friendly Beers!

We take a lot of pride in the fact that all our beers are Vegan-friendly, and aim to offer the very best choice to those that have had limited choices in the past. 
So why not show the world what we have to offer, and the beers that stand out amongst our ever-growing product list?
We know that everyone's taste is different so we thought it would be a great idea to ask the team what they believe is the very best of our range. 
Since Richard is the founder and head brewer, we thought it was only right to ask him first. 
Our Elephant Hawk IPA is an all-round achiever and marks a key moment in his ever-growing success. In 2013 he entered this unique IPA
into a home brewing competition @TheBeermoth Manchester and returned home a winner. 
Meet Mark he joined the team last week and already has a favorite. His beer of choice was our most recent collaboration, Path Of Most Resistance.
This gooseberry and Peppercorn Saison is hopped with Hallertau Blanc and was brewed with our friends at Rivington Brewing Co
Since this beer was brewed especially for Salford Beer fest, we all popped down to admire the final result and have a bit of a chinwag.
Pete is our Brewer and loves to brew this Oatmeal Stout. The smell from the dark malts fills the brewery with an intense chocolatey aroma and gives this smooth beer a warm and full-bodied backbone. This stout holds nostalgic memories for Pete as it was the first he brewed alongside Richard. With nine malts being added to the mash tun this is quite a brew to master. 
Duncan, being the founder of TicketyBrew loves some unusual beers and believes that our Red Velvet Barley Wine is the perfect class act. When this sophisticated beer was released it flew off the shelves, and there are only a remaining few in existence. We just couldn't part with them you see.
As for myself, The reddish Rye is a little piece of perfection. It is not only relevant to our heritage but it is herbaceous with tones of red fruit. It is surprisingly sweet for a rye and is extremely drinkable for its ABV. 
This little number would be right at home being sipped next to an open fire in a warm traditional pub. 

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