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Beer Of The Week - Path of Most Resistance

Path Of Most Resistance - In Collaboration with Rivington Brewing Co
After years of jolly discussions with Rivington about possible collaborations. The force that is BeersManchester brought us together for Salford Beer Fest to create something truly great. 
It only seemed right to go all out, and brew something we believed would be an exceptional pairing.
Therefore we created a gooseberry & peppercorn Saison.
This beer is not your usual Saison.
When poured the hazy, straw like complexion, cannot prepare you for the intensity of flavours that soften the aromatic tones of the saison yeast.  
The Hallertau Blanc hops compared with the added gooseberries, creates an intense fruity body then softly introduces you to a light peppery finish.
Some would say that introducing this Collaboration on our Beer of The Week is a tad mean, as it will not be available until Thursday 31st. 
But we love it so much, we just can't help but shout about it!

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