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Beer of the Week - Stocky Oatmeal Stout

Mondays are great days here at the brewery as it gives us another opportunity to tell you more about one of our many ales and this week we've chosen one that celebrates all things Stockport (We're proud of where we come from) This beer is part of our regular line up of ales and its one we are super chuffed with, not only because of its heritage, but because its an extremely drinkable dark ale that has gained somewhat of a supportive following from that those indulge in its oaty stoutiness (not sure they are words but we're sticking with them :) 



Stocky Oatmeal Stout

4.6% ABV


Firstly and probably most importantly it's worth noting that this ale was in fact "Beer of the Festival" winner at Ramsbottom Beer Festival 2016. This is an achievement we are particularly proud of, as our fellow brewers will be aware, having any of your beers place in the top 3 of any beer festival is a tremendous feeling but actually winning feels like it something worth shouting about. It highlights not only the work and effort that went it making this beer perfect but also that people think its as good as we do. This is fundamentally why we do what we do. We love brewing beer and the fact people consider it prize worthy makes all the love and effort put into each and every ale all the more worthwhile. So what makes this particular stout special you may ask? Well, in the first instance it truly is a super drinkable Stout. Sitting at the lower end of the ABV spectrum it makes this ale a little more accessible to the masses and it's definitely easier on the palate as it's not as heavy as some other darker ales out there. It's smooth in its nature and it has subtle coffee and chocolate notes that lend to the overall bitterness of the stout. Lastly, we couldn't represent Stockport with one of our beers without highlighting a key piece of architectural and cultural significance within the community and so we popped Stockport Markets on the pump clip and we think it sits quite well. If you see this one in your local be sure to give it a taste because if you're a fan of the darker side of life you're in for a treat. 

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