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Burton Rd Collaboration


Brewing isn't a trade for the faint-hearted but all of those involved share an eye for detail, a love of experimentation and a drive to create the very best craft beer. 
Taste in beer is like romantic attraction, everyone is drawn to different things. This diversity of taste is exactly why collaborations are so exciting, and why all beers created in collaboration are unique.
Much like us, Burton Road Brewing started out home brewing in 2014. After perfecting their pale ale recipe in Tom's shed, the two-man team, Tom and Boz, began contract brewing with the team at Mobberly Brewhouse, and have made quite a name for themselves. 

Boz joined us bright and early with beers in-hand ready for a very hands-on brew day. He may be a contract brewer, but he certainly knows his way around a brewery. 
Whilst Pete and Boz mash in, the smell of breakfast filled the air. Richard took to the stove to prepare what can only be described as a Thirst Class Ale Tradition and there is nothing better than a butty, fresh coffee, and a good old chin-wag about beer.
Due to Burton Rd’s huge success with pale ales, Boz was keen to experiment with a brew on the darker side and, with a huge range of different styles of beer under our belt, we were more than happy to oblige.


The idea was to create a beer with a darker malt backbone than previous Burton Rd beers. We had to think hard about what sort of hops would best be suited to Boz's specified flavor profiles. 
After an in-depth discussion and lots of apricot tasting, we decided that the best option would be to hop with Cascade, Chinook, and Junga.
Cascade was added first, shortly followed by Chinook and Junga. Chinook is mostly known for its pine and spicy tones bringing a slightly woody aroma to the body. We knew that the blackcurrant and grapefruit from the Junga would complement the apricot that we would be adding after the brew had been left to ferment.



After a hard day’s brewing, we thought it was about time to crack open a few beers and cheers to what we knew would be an exceptional collaboration. It was an absolute pleasure having Boz brew with us and we can't wait to try the finished product. Here’s to another brilliant year of brewing! 



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